EON Reality Initiates First AI Learning Center in Kiribati with Tailored, Future-Ready Courses.

IRVINE, CA, APRIL 23 — EON Reality, a leader in augmented and virtual reality educational technologies, unveils a groundbreaking initiative in Kiribati. This pioneering project includes the establishment of Kiribati’s inaugural Spatial AI Center and the introduction of 10,000 bespoke educational courses tailored to the nation’s unique developmental needs and occupational landscapes.

Transforming Kiribati’s Educational Landscape with Advanced AI and XR Technologies:

EON Reality has achieved global recognition by bridging educational gaps in over 80 countries in 2023, championing the transformative impact of Spatial AI and immersive XR technologies in reshaping educational experiences.

Customized Educational Strategies for Kiribati’s Growth:

Building on successful projects in the Pacific, EON Reality’s commitment to Kiribati reflects a strategic expansion aimed at addressing local socio-economic and environmental challenges through tailored educational solutions.

Pioneering Future-Ready Learning Experiences:

By integrating cutting-edge XR technology, Kiribati’s education system is poised for a major shift towards more interactive and engaging learning experiences that enhance understanding and retention.

Closing the Educational Divide:

The carefully developed curriculum is designed to bridge the current gap between Kiribati’s educational offerings and the dynamic demands of the global job market, preparing Kiribati’s youth and workforce to meet future challenges.

Curriculum Highlights:

EON Reality’s 10,000 specialized courses cover crucial topics such as climate change resilience, sustainable fisheries, renewable energy, vocational healthcare skills, and digital literacy, all adapted to meet both local and global challenges.

AI-Enhanced Learning and Development:

Advanced AI analytics will be employed to continuously assess and improve the educational framework in Kiribati, ensuring learning and skill development are both targeted and effective.

Promoting Economic and Environmental Resilience Through Education:

This comprehensive educational initiative is set to transform Kiribati’s educational sector and significantly bolster the nation’s economic and environmental resilience.

Envisioned Course Offerings Include:

  • Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Digital Competency for Remote Work
  • Emergency Healthcare Training
  • Tourism and Eco-Tourism Strategies
  • Agricultural Techniques and Food Security
  • Water Resource Management
  • Vocational Building and Construction Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Skills

These planned courses are strategically designed to merge local applicability with global expertise, aiming to drive Kiribati towards sustainable growth and a prosperous future.


EON Reality’s expansion into Kiribati underscores its dedication to utilizing advanced technologies for educational empowerment and demonstrates the potential of immersive learning to transcend geographical boundaries and foster significant opportunities for development and global connectivity.

About EON Reality

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