The new expansion will begin with lessons created by faculty and students from the Aldini Valeriani Institute.

EON Reality, the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, is proud to announce a new addition to the Global Emergency Initiative through its Classroom 3.0 partnership in Bologna, Italy. In addition to the current collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, IIS Aldini Valeriani, the Aldini Valeriani Foundation and the Natalino Corazza Foundation, two important industrial partners are also joining the group: IMA and Marchesini Group.

By expanding the Global Emergency Initiative to the 2,400 students at Aldini Valeriani, EON Reality’s continued push to bring its AR and VR technologies to as many people as possible in the presence and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly to the recently implemented uses of the Global Emergency Initiative at schools like the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo, Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, Aldini Valeriani will be responsible for creating peer-reviewed lessons in a variety of subjects that will help students and faculty around the world.

This expansion to the Self-Directed Learning movement is made possible by EON Reality’s continued contributions along with the two new Bolognese companies that will financially support the project and provide content allowing the technical and vocational school’s students to train using real industrial products through virtual and augmented reality.

“The participation in the experimental project of Classroom 3.0 by two companies that represent the excellence of our production sector, such as IMA and Marchesini Group, encourage us to continue with conviction and determination in the path we have taken. The donations from these two industrial groups in favor of the Aldini Valeriani Institute will serve as a co-investment share for actions aimed in particular at the use of digital content for educational purposes. The strengthening of digital learning and business continuity in remote production processes — through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality — are the main objectives of the project we launched two weeks ago. We are designing today a metropolitan ecosystem of digital innovation involving public actors, private bodies and the third sector, the training and work scenarios of tomorrow.”

Marco LombardoBologna’s Commissioner for Work

In recent weeks, EON Reality has shown by videoconference the new Remote EON-XR packages and functions of AR and VR technologies with multiple live demos. The faculty of Aldini Valeriani will be trained with these technologies, allowing them to utilize EON-XR to continue to teach their students both from a distance and in-person once traditional classroom activities are able to resume.

“With many experts predicting the world to not see a full recovery from the current pandemic for at least three or four years, being able to perform hands-on learning and training from a distance will be an absolute necessity for both academic institutions and leading companies. We are excited to continue to spread our Global Emergency Initiative to help as many people as possible through this difficult time, and we’re thankful that our partners in Bologna have been so supportive.”

Dan LejerskarFounder of EON Reality

“These technologies will allow the school to use digital content from local companies in an innovative and avant-garde way, shortening the distance between school and work. In the future, we believe it will also be useful to simultaneously combine traditional training with remote courses, seeing as there will be a need to guarantee training while lowering the number of students gathered in the same classroom.”

Nicola PoleschiManaging Director of EON Reality Italia

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