“COVID-19 is causing us to challenge deep-rooted notions of when, where, and how we deliver education, of the role of colleges and universities, the importance of lifelong learning, and the distinction we draw between traditional and non-traditional learners.” What needs to be relooked in designing a higher education system of relevance?

In my opinion,
✅ Closer alignment of skills vs what is learnt in the classroom
✅ Embedding digital learning tools for resilience AND efficacy, AR/VR is a perfect example of an under utilised tool in this respect
✅ Recognition of the fact that the 4 year model is long outdated and the need to provide stackable learning options for continuous reskilling and upskilling.

We constantly talk about innovation, but it’s now time to review if current educational structures continue to serve what we need in a rapidly evolving economy and labour market place.

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