The Learn for Life 360 World Heritage Initiative, began with a simple vision – using immersive reality to build a bridge to a shared human experience. This vision has now been transformed into a immersive experience library featuring more than 3000 immersive visits through the EON XR Platform.

When it was first started in 1999, EON Reality had its beginnings in Irvine, California. Over the last two decades, it has since expanded to more than 56 countries across 5 continents with a firm mandate of providing unparalleled learning and training experiences through AR and VR.

President of Learn for Life, Anna Lejerskar recounts, “Virtual and augmented reality as a technology was new. Yet I could see its immense potential in transforming the way we could perceive the world by reliving and recreating it in a whole new accessible dimension. ”

Lejerskar’s views has since been reinforced by independent research studies from Stanford University and MIT, demonstrating the possibilities extending a shared human experience through VR technology.

What Lejerskar envisions is a project to create a network of cultural memories, the human experience and their unique stories in immersive reality. She believes that immersive reality provides the perfect platform to study and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and fabric of the world we live in today.

“Over the course of  establishing this global footprint, we’ve experienced the joy of being immersed in other cultures and sharing our own culture. We here at EON Reality are excited to empower nations and communities to give the world a taste of their unique worldview and way of life.”

Lejerskar concludes, “It is my hope, that through learning from communities outside of our own, we can learn how much more we have in common, despite our differences.”

Purpose built for mobile learning, these world heritage site experiences on EON XR can now be used both in the classroom and at home with any basic smart device and desktop.