One of the largest schools in the youngest country in Europe is changing the way instructors and students view education in XR during the pandemic.

University for Business and Technology (UBT) in Kosovo is turning to virtual and augmented reality as a means to enhance their remote learning for the current pandemic, and it’s shaping the way they’ll teach courses even once in-person classes resume.

Since partnering with Irvine, California’s EON Reality earlier this year, UBT has created over 54,000 lessons for the more than 7,500 users currently working with VR, AR, and XR software. It’s a drastic improvement over the 700 or so students who initially began working with the EON-XR platform ahead of the school closures around the globe, and it’s provided a new and engaging experience for faculty and students alike.

“Expanding our EON-XR usage far beyond the initial reach has been a blessing for both faculty members and students during this time. The ability to learn and teach in an immersive and interactive manner without needing to meet in-person has provided life-changing results for our lecture halls and laboratories throughout this pandemic. The expansion has successfully incorporated the entire university’s schools, and we will continue to generate more educational content and knowledge through the involvement of a larger number of students, academic staff and community members.”

Edmond HajriziFounder and President of UBT

Along with the widespread adoption of XR for enhancing standard lectures and classroom usage, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven how valuable the technology can be as a means to replace physical laboratories and other interactive learning experiences. By allowing for users to participate in the typically “hands-on” styles of learning without needing to physically be together in the same place — or at the same time, for that matter — XR technology can shift the logistical constraints of modern education away from the overworked faculty members and students.

Considering how many current college students and professors spend significant time on other jobs and projects outside of their academic pursuits, providing a more comprehensive educational opportunity that can be created, distributed, and completed on a flexible schedule is more valuable than ever before. Not only is EON-XR providing UBT with a solution for the pandemic, but it’s also opening significant possibilities up for the future.

“Seeing how the XR market is developing for both academic and industry usage, there’s no doubt that it will play a major role going forward at UBT. We’ve been very pleased with the progress we’ve made with EON-XR so far, and we’d like to continue to nurture and grow that relationship as much as possible over time. The next generation will learn from these interactive experiences as much as — if not more than — they do from textbooks, videos, and other traditional pedagogical tools.”

Edmond HajriziFounder and President of UBT

What the coming months (and years) hold for higher education is still yet to be seen, but if schools like UBT are any indication, everyone will be getting a lot more familiar with XR.

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