Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) left a lasting impression when guests from 38+ countries and six continents came together and experienced this life-changing technology at EON Experience Fest 2016, an event dedicated to the future of AR and VR knowledge transfer in Laval, France.

Over the past two weeks, several exclusive events were held in Laval, France, including Laval Virtual and EON Experience Fest 2016, on the future of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). At the EON Experience Fest, hundreds of subject-matter experts, professionals, and delegates from across the globe experienced first-hand real-life applications of modern AR and VR technology in industries such as medicine, sports, oil and gas, music, and education.

Also, we had the world premiere of EON Reality’s next generation gamified learning platform, EON Experience EON-XR and EON EON-XR. These two products are designed to let students around the world learn through fun competitions (EON Experience EON-XR) and build AR and VR applications without any programming (EON EON-XR). Technology solutions included a variety of specialized display systems, spanning from smartphones to the twenty-four person Idome, featuring the EON Software Platform and the world’s largest library for AR and VR based knowledge transfer.

We had a few people experience our oil rig application in the Icube, a four walled room-sized display system, where they were transported to the desert of Saudi Arabia on a fully modelled oil drilling facility used to educate and train employees. This experience left her with an understanding of its purpose, importance, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to learning a few things herself!

A guest tries out the Icube at EON Experience Fest 2016; It’s a long way down (virtually).

This event also was big for the EON Reality family as we secured six Interactive Digital Center (IDC) agreements during the event and an additional four MOU’s were signed. Fifteen new countries kick-started their own IDC due diligence process with the target to set up their own IDC’s in 2016.

« It was such an incredible event for EON Reality and the AR/VR community as a whole, » said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. « To launch a product, showcase what our customers are doing globally, and bring people together from around the world for the sake of knowledge transfer is something special. We are extremely thrilled about the new members joining our family and look forward to great new developments in the months ahead. »