Spatial AI and XR for Security & Defense

Unlocking the Potential of Spatial AI: Revolutionizing the Security Industry with Enhancing Emergency Response, Disaster Management, and Personnel Training

Join us for an exciting webinar as we showcase the revolutionary EON AI Assistant, a must-have tool for the Security and Defense Sector. With its advanced features, including realistic scenario simulation, emergency response training, suspicious activity detection, and more, EON AI Assistant is poised to enhance disaster management, cybersecurity, physical security, border and immigration control, and law enforcement.

Whether you need to provide awareness training, fire safety training, or hands-on AR-based simulations and assessments, EON AI Assistant has got you covered. The best part? It can be utilized using various mediums such as VR headsets, mobile devices, AR glasses, voice, text, video, images, and interactive 3D models. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about EON AI Assistant’s capabilities and how it can benefit your organization.

With its unique ability to “Show and Tell” in the digital world and “Guide and Assist” in the physical world using Augmented Reality, EON AI Assistant is the perfect choice for Security and Defense companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. Register now for the upcoming webinar.

These workshops are exclusively for EON-XR users to help answer questions, solve problems, and share new information that figures to be actually useful and relevant for people such as yourself. Through the live-streamed events, we also hope to get a better understanding of where our users need the most assistance, so we can provide clarification for any potential roadblocks in the future as well.

Spatial AI and XR for Security & Defense


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Hosted by:

Ayça Ozaslan