The Challenge

Very few people are lucky enough to travel to Italy in order to experience Renaissance masterpieces and historical sites, such as the Magi Chapel. The frescos on the the walls of the Palazzo Medici’s Magi Chapel were painted by Benozzo Gozzoli and vivdly illustrate the journey of Magi. These paintings, besides being beautiful religious artwork, are a snapshot into the political and cultural climate of the Renaissance with likenesses of members of the Medici Family featured prominently. These frescos have already undergone one restoration in the late 80’s and, unlike canvas paintings, cannot go on exhibit to museums around the world.

Improve Attendance

For the majority of students and art aficionados, traveling around the world to visit the Magi Chapel is not an option. To experience the full effect of the Magi Chapel one must travel to Florence, Italy. How can the Magi Chapel increase visitors and awareness given this?

Share Culture

Due to the nature of Magi Chapel’s frescos the full visual effect can’t be replicated by photos. Additionally, these frescos cannot be packed up and shipped to museums around the world like other pieces of art.

Hard to Preserve

There is only so much that can be done to preserve a historical site. The caretakers of the Magi Chapel have taken precautions in order to slow down the aging process. However, by increasing the number of visitors the aging process would be accelerated.

The Solution

EON Reality and Virtualiter, a leading company in Virtual Reality productions for world-famous museums, luxury locations and exhibitions, together released a Virtual Reality tour of the Magi Chapel. Users are able to explore the Chapel in a full 360 degrees and examine every detail, enabling them to engage in remote learning. By looking at each fresco, the viewer is able to explore each fresco and hear a detailed explanation. This pilot application is a part of EON Reality’s World Heritage Initiative which seeks to preserve and protect cultural treasures from around the world.

A Global Audience

By reproducing Magi Chapel in Virtual Reality, viewers from all parts of the world can visit the splendor of Renaissance Italy and the opulence of the Medici Family. They can experience what it is like to be standing in the Magi Chapel with an expert tour guide to explain the historical significance of the frescos that adorn the chapel.These frescos can now be shared like the artist intended in a beautiful 360 degree Virtual Reality experience.

Captured and Preserved

The Magi Chapel application is an example of how Virtual Reality can preserve cultural landmarks. The Magi Chapel, due to the extensive restoration it went through, can be preserved as the artist intended while allowing unlimited number of people to visit. This work is a part of the World Heritage Initiative which was established to bring to life the many historical and cultural treasures from around the world.

The Solution

Through EON Reality’s Virtual Reality application, students are now able to participate in remote learning and experience the Magi Chapel in a way that otherwise would be impossible.

“This amazing Virtual Reality application will bring the user inside the Medici’s private chapel, the very same room which Lorenzo the Magnificent used to walk in…This application is a fascinating journey in the golden age of the Renaissance in Florence.”

Sergio PorriniVirtualiter