EON Reality Monday announced an investment of 20 million dollars to build the first development center of virtual reality in the country, which will be located in the State of Mexico. «EON announces a hub for Latin America, based in the State of Mexico, where apps will be developed in Spanish for the entire region, which will pick up the state in terms of virtual reality», said Yann Froger, chief operating officer of EON reality.

The US company developing virtual reality noted that the center will be completed in the third quarter, and will include a study center that will host 200 students, as well as a factory «where we will not build cars, but will encapsulate objects» for virtual and augmented reality, explained Dan Lejerskar, chairman of EON Reality.

The center will be devoted to research and development of virtual technology to strengthen key sectors such as science, medicine and education, he added. Increasingly being made ​​more investments in the market for virtual and augmented reality, since it is expected that this has a value of 150 billion dollars over five years, Lejerskar said. «However, it is that although there are various software solutions virtual reality, there is not enough content and we are taking the first step in the State of Mexico» he argued. The president of EON reality also said that Mexico is the point of launch to reach throughout Latin America, hoping the country to position itself as the leader in Central America in virtual reality.

The presentation was attended by the Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila, who welcomed the arrival of the company to Mexico, through the State of Mexico, as well as investment of 20 million and create 200 new specialized jobs. EON has a presence in Europe, Asia, Middle East, besides the United States. It has over 450 customers, including ExxonMobil, Siemens and Boeing, also works with developers of devices such as Facebook, Google and Amazon.

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