Frank Botdorf, East Coast Director of Business Development at EON Reality, recently spoke to Chamber of Commerce members, local manufacturers, and the NEPIRC Board of Directors about interactive 3D technologies for technical training, virtual prototyping, and new product development at NEPIRC, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center.  NEPIRC is a non-profit corporation that provides strategic consulting assistance to small and mid-sized manufacturers in the northeastern Pennsylvania region and has been providing services to their clients since 1988.

Mr. Botdorf’s presentation included a live interactive 3D demonstration via the EON Icatcher, a DLP portable 3D projection system, that demonstrated the power and possibilities of interactive 3D for cross-training, improved ROI in manufacturing, and overall improvement in operational efficiencies. Participants had the opportunity to inspect the inside of an engine and assess production line efficiencies to give them an idea of how virtual reality can be used in manufacturing. Companies such as Boeing, Honeywell, Siemens, GE, Whirlpool and Tobyhanna Army Depot have already used EON Reality’s 3D imaging systems to reduce new employee training times, aid in new product development, create virtual prototypes, improve machinery maintenance techniques, and simulate product performance and wear characteristics.

« EON Reality provided our local manufacturers with real-life examples of how interactive 3D and simulation-based technologies can shorten new employee training times, compress new product development cycles and close more sales – this technology fits in very nicely with NEPIRC’s focus on helping manufacturers leverage cutting-edge innovation for higher profitability » said Eric Joseph Esoda, CPA, NEPIRC Executive Director.

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