The use of AR and VR in classrooms is hardly a new phenomenon. Research studies have attested to its ability to lift student engagement and help them learn better. Yet, VR and AR continue to live on the fringes of the classroom. Why is that so? How can we bring it to the front of the class?

The Headset Problem

VR and AR often associated with the need to invest in expensive headsets and equipment. While the costs of headsets have significantly decreased, it still remains out of reach for many. EON Reality has now solved this problem by turning every smart mobile device into a AR/VR viewing device with EON-XR. This means, more learners than ever, can now enjoy an immersive learning experience straight from their pockets.

The Content Problem

The next obstacle that teachers often run into is finding the right material for lessons. The lack of learning content can make the move to AR/VR based lessons a difficult one to justify. The first step EON Reality took was to enable EON-XR Platform users to access the world’s largest library of more than one million digital assets for lesson creation. We also developed a range of functions, from quizzes, videos, interactive elements and a one hundred person capacity virtual classroom to enrich the learning experience. Find out how our partners are making the change!

The Digital Problem

EON Reality has now found a solution by allowing teachers and students to easily create content without any coding know-how. Designed with the user experience in mind, the intuitive interface of EON-XR now allows an AR and VR lesson to be created as easily as a powerpoint.


It’s now that easy to bring AR and VR to the classroom. Create your free EON-XR Platform account today or join our webinars on the right to harness the power of AR/VR in your classroom.