Extensive adoption and implementation of technology across the vast manufacturing sector continues to change the way businesses design, produce, and distribute goods.

Last quarter, EON Reality’s office in Bologna, Italy collaborated with Confindustria to host a conference with multiple national and international manufacturing companies. WIth several businesses in attendance, stakeholders exchanged and shared their vision of the best practices for implementing and improving their operations through integrated digital transformation.

Throughout the session, multiple companies showed specific examples of how they were able to transform manufacturing using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies — including presentations on the success of enterprises like Ferrari and Garc Spa, which each showcased how they were able to increase productivity and decrease costs via automation, AR, and VR.

EON Reality also used the occasion to introduce the massive potential of applying AR and VR technologies to minimize training costs, time, and other resources when facilitating entry-level workers to perform specialized tasks.

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Outside of the individual companies in attendance, BI-REX (Big Data Innovation & Research Excellence) showed how they have gathered valuable data and anecdotes from universities, research facilities, and businesses to help industries adopt new technologies, allowing them to maximize efficiency and maintain their competitive advantages.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Dieter Wegner, Head of External Cooperation at Siemens Corporate Technology and Member of Siemens Board, demonstrated the importance of integrating technology throughout manufacturing in today’s increasingly competitive market while also highlighting how different technologies have the capability of revolutionizing all businesses.

The entire event proved to be yet another example of how company business models are changing rapidly. The conference concluded with an understanding that as industrial businesses digitize company operations (including production, training, customer success, and more) through methods such as automation, AI, VR, and AR, all processes need to be brought into the future to support business growth.