The first batch of VIA University College and EON Reality VR Innovation Academy students have now finished their internships, as part of the VIA Software Engineering degree.

This is the first -of-its-kind education wherein EON Reality has collaborated with a local University College to create an accredited Bachelor’s degree (BA Hons).

In order to develop the Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) industry, there has long been a clear need for the right education offerings. As such, EON Reality Denmark has taken a new approach to filling this talent pipeline by collaborating with VIA University College, creating a two-year AR and VR specialization for their Software Engineering Bachelor’s degree.

The VIA-EON-XR Internship

One of the first students who selected the new AR/VR specialization is Dmitri Belogurov from Estonia. He chose to take his internship with EON Reality Denmark and has been working on a variety of projects regarding the use of EON-XR technology for knowledge transfer.

EON Reality’s unique teaching methods from the VR Innovation Academy partnership means that if Belogurov decides to start his own company, he can do so and immediately know how to thrive and succeed at one of a growing number of designated AR/VR incubation clusters. To meet this need locally, EON Reality Denmark is planning a space with room for up to 20 companies working in the EON-XR domain. In the meantime, Dmitri will be continuing his work at EON Reality Denmark as a Student Assistant (SA) until the end of his education.

Being at EON Reality Denmark has given me a chance to use the knowledge I have acquired through the Bachelor’s degree, and it has given me insight into the business side of running a company. That’s something I can use if I decide to go solo and open my own company at a later date.

Education and industry working together

Development of the local AR and VR ecosystem is core to EON Reality Denmark’s strategy, and the AR and VR specialization with VIA and the VR Innovation Strategy forms an important part of this growth. EON Reality has several case studies that show the use of EON-XR for education and enterprise. Now, the challenge for EON Reality Denmark is to demonstrate these to Danish educators, company leaders, and people in general about the advantages of Augmented and Virtual Reality.We are helping to educate students, who might be our future employees and introducing them to the broader possibilities in AR/VR besides games. Generally, national media agencies have focused on the use of VR in the gaming industry, but the use of VR as a training tool offers advantages like circumventing risks of training in a live environment, and gain the necessary experience in a shorter timespan.