In this lesson created by the University for Business and Technology, students are introduced to the electric power system in an immersive lesson on EON-XR, from generation of the electricity all the way to the wall plug. Students can learn about that parts and purpose of the various parts of the plug including the different wires and fuse and when and why certain parts are necessary.

Many Electrical Engineering students go through their entire program of study without encountering the elementary practical aspects.Yet when such topics are taught, they lend themselves strongly to learning by doing; it is difficult to understand without a dominant hands-on component in the instruction. EON-XR presents a practical, economical alternative to address the need for wiring practice and discovery

Using EON-XR, students can now learn about the electrical code in a realistic fashion for an enhanced learning experience. This lesson was created by the University for Business and Technology as part of the Self-Directed Learning Initiative on EON-XR led by EON Reality. Through this initiative, students and teachers create their own immersive learning content as part of an active learning process, leading to deeper understanding through doing.

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