A ground-breaking Platform that Uses Augmented and Virtual Reality to Improve Safety, Efficiency, Maintenance, and Collaboration in the Energy Sector.

IRVINE, CA –September 14, 2023 – EON Reality, a pioneer in Extended Reality (XR) and AI technologies, announces the release of its ground-breaking EON AI Assistant, specifically tailored for the energy sector. Utilizing cutting-edge Augmented and Virtual Reality capabilities, the platform aims to revolutionize safety protocols, operational efficiency, maintenance, and remote collaboration in the energy industry.

One of the primary benefits of the EON AI Assistant is its capacity to significantly enhance safety protocols. Through advanced training modules, it offers a substantial improvement in safety measures across various domains. Furthermore, this technology has the capability to optimize processes and tasks, which consequently boosts operational efficiency in daily activities. 

Maintenance and repair tasks have also been considerably elevated, as the EON AI Assistant employs AR technology to provide a visual representation of machinery and components. This results in not only faster but also more accurate repairs and maintenance procedures. The system also offers the advantage of remote expert collaboration. 

Thanks to VR technology, real-time consultations with experts from anywhere in the world become possible, thus eliminating any geographical barriers. Additionally, the assistant is equipped with sophisticated AI tools designed for real-time hazard detection, playing a crucial role in risk mitigation and ensuring a safer environment.

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Specific Use-Cases:

  • AR-Based Safety Training Modules: Engage in immersive training that closely simulates real-world scenarios.
  • Operator Training for Machinery: Utilize VR simulations to train operators, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Maintenance & Repair Assistance: AR overlays provide step-by-step repair instructions, streamlining maintenance tasks.
  • Remote Expert Guidance: Consult with experts in real-time, guiding on-site staff during intricate procedures.
  • Hazard Identification Tools: Use advanced algorithms for prompt identification and action on potential hazards.
  • Why Choose EON AI Assistant:
  • Enhance Worker Safety: Utilize AR/VR training modules that prepare staff for real-world situations, thereby improving overall safety.
  • Boost Productivity & Minimize Downtime: Increase efficiency through optimized processes and faster maintenance cycles.
  • Cut Maintenance Costs: Reduced downtime and faster repairs mean significantly lower maintenance costs.

«EON AI Assistant is a leap forward in how the energy sector can integrate modern technology to meet the challenges of safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness,» stated Dan Lejerskar, CEO & Chairman of EON Reality. «We are committed to transforming the energy sector, making it more secure, efficient, and collaborative.»

About EON Reality
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