EON Sports VR is on a mission to change sports training as we know it. The young, Kansas City-based startup recently teamed up with retired MLB player Jason Giambi on Project OPS, a virtual reality baseball trainer powered by a consumer headset.

But that’s not the only novelty EON Sports VR has been working on. Last June, it teased an interactive baseball hitting simulator, one that allows players to step into a virtual batting cage and practice their swing. Today, at CES 2016, I had the chance to try it.

My first move, as instructed by EON Sports VR founder and CEO, Brendan Reilly, was to put on a pair of motion-tracking glasses, before walking into the simulator. Once you’re inside the 10ft x 10ft x 10ft box, you place your body in the batter’s box and wait for the simulator’s software to start throwing pitches. The whole system is controlled by two projectors and a couple of Vicon motion capture cameras that are used to track your viewpoint, with help from the aforementioned, 3D-printed glasses.

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