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EON AI Assistant

Spatial AI Technology for Real-Time Assistance

EON AI Assistant is an advanced AI program that uses Spatial AI technology to provide users with real-time guidance and support in the physical world. With a learning-capable AI brain paired with a fully interactive XR body, users can receive personalized directions and interact with digital objects. This cutting-edge technology also enables users to create persistently tracked experiences using text, voice, videos, and 3D assets.

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Simplifying AI Content Creation


EON AI Assistant recently introduced the “Prompts” feature, simplifying AI content creation. With 87 academic prompt options and 6 unique enterprise groupings, users can select a topic, provide information, and confirm the portals and content created by the AI. This feature creates fully formed AI-powered XR experiences that are simple and engaging.

Personalized guidance and assistance with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI. Spatial AI, XR, AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, industry, technology, virtual reality headset, knowledge, future, education
Real-Time "Show and Tell" with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI

Personalized guidance and assistance with EON AI Assistant's Spatial AI.

EON AI Assistant’s Spatial AI technology provides an avatar and contextual awareness, allowing for real-time interaction with users. Create persistently tracked experiences with text, voice, videos, and 3D assets via commonly owned mobile devices. Say goodbye to content creation problems with EON AI Assistant’s fully-formed AI-powered XR experiences.

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EON AI Assistant Guides and Assists in the Physical World with Spatial AI

Interactive XR body overcomes limitations of modern AI programs.

EON AI Assistant’s Spatial AI allows for personalized guidance and assistance in the physical world, offering an intuitive experience through commonly owned mobile devices. Interact with digital objects and receive support in real-time, overcoming the confines of traditional AI programs. EON AI Assistant’s interactive XR body and contextual awareness revolutionize the way we interact with AI.

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