EON AI Hard Skills Assistant

"Revolutionize Your Learning with Cutting-Edge AI and AR/VR Integration"

«Emerge at the forefront of education with EON Reality’s AI Hard Skills Assistant—delving into immersive, experiential learning that transforms mundane diagrams into interactive 3-D marvels.»

Knowledge Portal with Floating Annotations

A Revolutionary Leap in Technology and Education

Leverage a seamless blend of AR/VR with our innovative Knowledge Portal, enabling learners to explore images, videos, and texts surrounded by intuitive floating annotations. Experience the thrill of learning as our AI avatar guides you meticulously through every pivotal concept and procedure.
Spatial AI & XR in Education

3-D Model Integration

Vivid 3-D model of a robot illustration from our expansive library.

Dive into a vast reservoir of over nine million 3-D assets, ensuring the ideal model for any course. Not available? Introduce your custom CAD models or 3-D scans for a nominal fee. Expect more with the upcoming text-to-3-D conversion tool, marking a new era of model integration in 2024.

Annotations and Assessment Tools

Snapshot of a 3-D engine model annotated for learning purposes.

Transition from static learning to an animated educational journey with auto-generated annotations for your 3-D models. Prepare for our imminent IntelliScan feature, which accentuates image-based annotations, and explore the breadth of assessment tools—from standard quizzes to interactive challenges arriving in 2024.

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AI Generated Universal Skill Simulator

AI avatar demonstrating robotic start-up in a 3-D animation.

Harness the prowess of our AI to simulate the top five standard operation procedures. Immerse yourself in 3-D animated guidance tailored to your curriculum, putting your skills to the test against our AI’s insightful assessment. In the absence of a 3-D model, powerful hero images uphold the learning experience.

Add-On Modules

Interactive simulations and dramatic incident visualizations.

Expand your horizons with real-life scenarios delivered through enriching add-ons. Craft your bespoke simulations with Eon Interact or dissect incident simulations to extract critical knowledge—all within a framework that prizes thorough understanding over rote learning.
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