IRVINE, CA – March 11, 2024 – In an ambitious move set to redefine the landscape of Spatial AI technology, EON Reality announces the new EON AI Impact & Development Program. This comprehensive initiative is designed to support the widescale adoption of Spatial AI across government, academia, and community sectors, underpinning EON’s partnership with the National Spatial AI Center.

The program is tailored to significantly advance the deployment of Spatial AI technology, aiming to create a surge in job opportunities and cultivate a technologically adept workforce. With an eye on enhancing safety, security, and fostering community cohesion, the initiative is poised to bring about transformative applications of Spatial AI.

Key Highlights of the EON AI Impact & Development Program:

  • A robust investment and grant scheme supporting the creation of 500 new jobs in the AI sector, fueling economic growth and workforce enhancement.
  • The development of 10,000 XR courses customized to meet a wide array of educational and industry-specific demands.
  • Launch of a 57,500 Users Platform, equipped with perpetual licenses for created lessons, to bolster education and workforce readiness.
  • Establishment of an AI Innovation Hub for 200 SMEs, aiming to spearhead state-of-the-art research, innovation, and collaborative projects.
  • Allocation of up to $300M in Grant Funding to ensure sustainable development and longevity of AI-driven initiatives.

This initiative not only underscores EON’s commitment to the operational success and expansion of the National Spatial AI Center but also sets a new benchmark for educational and workforce development through Spatial AI.

The EON AI Impact & Development Program is inviting applications from eligible entities that demonstrate a readiness to leverage Spatial AI for large-scale impact, including the support for 57,500 users, the delivery of 10,000 bespoke educational programs, and the generation of substantial employment opportunities within the AI and technology sectors.

EON Reality, is set to facilitate the establishment of EON Spatial AI Center Hubs across the globe. This strategic move will ensure the widespread adoption of Spatial AI technology, fostering an environment ripe for innovation, skill development, and community advancement.

For organizations ready to be at the forefront of the Spatial AI revolution, the EON AI Impact & Development Program represents an unparalleled opportunity to drive change, enhance capabilities, and secure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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