Technology will improve visual quality in mobile and PC based Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications while reducing load times.

IRVINE, CA, September 15, 2015 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, has acquired Dynamic Texture streaming technology from Mindary AB, a start-up out of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dynamic texture streaming will enable EON Reality’s Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and interactive mobile apps to load textures as needed resulting in reduced loading times, higher performance, and increased visual quality. The acquisition was done via an asset purchase agreement.

Similar technology has been used on high-end computer games, but this new technology provides the same functionality for EON Software Platform powered mobile apps and desktop simulations. Using a local host or a remote server, texture data can, in real-time, be adjusted to only serve the appropriate resolution for a user’s vantage point. This results in quicker load times as only the optimal resolution textures are used and full resolution textures do not need to be loaded into memory or downloaded via the Internet.

Example illustrating zooming into a high resolution texture using Dynamic Texture Handling. Courtesy of

Now ultra high resolution textures for antiquities and art can be used for maximum realism without hurting performance. At a distance, these highly detailed objects appear as a viewer would expect but as the viewer moves closer to an object more and more detail is loaded by EON Reality’s engine. This technology provides what is essentially a “map zoom in” functionality to textures, and can be used from the aforementioned art example to geological data, satellite data, and other ultra high resolution visual data that are difficult to display at full resolution.

vangough-dynamic-texture-streaming-exampleAn representation of Dynamic Texture Streaming with Van Gough’s Starry Night.

Smart phones have limited resources, and detailed and natural looking 3D scenes require textures of a resolution that are often too large to fit in memory. In addition, the huge amount of data required by these textures would take too long to stream over the Internet causing lagging or long waiting times. The acquired technology allows EON Reality to stream, in real-time, just the information that is necessary to display the current view at full resolution. Dynamic texturing also allows for very large textures – e.g., 32,000 x 32,000, which corresponds to roughly 64 times higher resolution than standard limits.

“On mobile platforms, it’s very important to optimize memory usage. By just getting the right resolution of the texture for each platform and viewpoint dynamically, we can perfectly balance the visual fidelity versus memory footprint and download time. This means the user experience will be enhanced since it provides previously unfeasible graphical details,” said Professor Ulf Assarsson, Head of Research Group Graphics at Chalmers University of Technology.

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