IRVINE, Calif., July 5, 2011 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, and KOGNITIV Hungary delivered an interactive cow to Kereskedelmi Vendéglátóipari Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola in Hungary. It is a vocation and technical training school that specializes in teaching culinary arts and gastronomy. The students will utilize the 3D cow to learn how and where the meat originates. The students will also utilize the functions to learn how to recognize and cut certain pieces of meat. Ideally, the executive chef and lead teacher will use this model with culinary students, aged from 14-22 years old.

The application included a 3D model of an adult bovine and included 3D pictures of the main varieties of Hungarian cows. The model allowed for the dissection of the cow via 3D by key commands. The model highlighted the different edible parts of the cow. The model also included in-depth models of each cut of meat and indicated where it originated on the cow. At the end, 3D images of prepared beef dishes were shown to stimulate the culinary creativity of the students.

“The objective was to use the model in an educational environment; the students can learn from where the pieces of meat are cut and then how to prepare them. In terms of innovation, nothing like this model had ever been developed, to my knowledge, in any school in Hungary,” said Derick Arbaugh, International Coordinator and Marketing Specialist, KOGNITIV Hungary.

The 3D application is a relatively new concept in Hungary. 3D teaching is just taking ground throughout Hungary and very few schools use the technology for other than viewing 3D films. The main benefit is the novelty of the application, and the most important aspect is captivating the students and engaging them in a new teaching method.

“We have also recently finished another model for a vocational high school involving a CNC milling machine in which students can utilize a 3D model to understand the internal function of the machine. These two projects are quite impressive as they give students a view of the internal function of a machine or an animal, in the case of the cow, that would otherwise be impossible,” said Derick Arbaugh.


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