Augmented Reality technology to digitize and shorten airport ramp handling processes while increasing accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

SINGAPORE, September 13th 2017 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education, today announced the development and deployment of an augmented reality (AR) smart glass solution for SATS Ltd.’s ramp handling operations at Singapore’s Changi Airport. SATS, Asia’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions, will leverage EON Reality’s AR Assist technology to provide their ramp handling crew with critical information and loading instructions in real-time.

Using the wearable AR glasses powered by AR Assist, operators will be able to scan visual markers found on baggage and cargo containers that provide details such as weight, unit number, loading sequence, and allocated position in the aircraft. This hands-free process improves safety, increases the accuracy, efficiency of baggage and cargo loading, and can potentially shorten loading time by as much as fifteen minutes.

Video streaming from the user enhances the visibility of ramp handling operations across the airport by providing the control center a real-time view of on-ground processes. With the see-what-I-see feature, flight controllers within the control center can better supervise, and provide instructions to operators on how to handle cargo with special handling requirements. In addition, they would also have enhanced oversight of the loading process, which will enable greater flexibility in manpower management.

“The rapid projected increase in passengers will put a significant strain on existing airport and travel logistics worldwide,” said David Scowsill, CEO of EON Reality. “Through the use of EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform and specifically AR Assist, ramp workers, maintenance technicians, and even flight crews can become more efficient with real time contextual knowledge. The ability to save time through more efficient processes will result in services that can scale with an increasing volume of customers and luggage. Loading aircraft is just one area where this technology can be applied and benefit travellers.”

AR Assist technology injects knowledge into the world through markers, image recognition, or 3D scanning capabilities. By connecting Augmented Reality objects and annotations with data from Artificial Intelligence, IoT sensors, and backend systems workers can access contextual knowledge as they need it, when they need it.

“With passenger demand forecast to double by 2035 to 7.2 billion air travellers, we are preparing to handle more passengers, aircraft and airfreight,” said Mr Alex Hungate, President and Chief Executive Officer, SATS. “SATS is embracing technology to handle these volume increases in an innovative, sustainable way. By introducing augmented reality to our ground handling operations, we are improving services for airlines, passengers and airfreight shippers.”

SATS has plans to roll out this AR technology across its subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures in the region.

Photo credit: SATS Ltd.

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