IRVINE, Calif., January 15, 2009 – EON Reality, Inc., the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced the launch of EON Universal Information System(TM) (EON UIS(TM)), a breakthrough in customer interaction solution, that automatically extracts CAD/CG/PLM/ERP data, providing improved marketing & increased sales through a superior customer experience and understanding, while reducing the related customer interaction costs with up to one third.

“All companies want to provide an amazing customer experience and effectively capture the customers’ needs. Today’s legacy enterprise systems (CAD/CG/ERP/ PLM etc) were not intended for customer interaction as they don’t visualize the products realistically and interactively, are often too time consuming to use. EON UIS solves precisely this critical problem,” said Dennis Cafiero, Lead Project Manager, EON Reality, Inc.

“EON UIS is using the Hour Glass Information Flow(TM), which in simple terms means that multiple data sources automatically are extracted from animation CAD/CG/PLM/ERP and enhanced within the EON UIS management system. Once completed, sales and marketing materials can instantly be published to multiple formats including online, print, movies, and immersive solution, said Jan Kjallstrom, Product Manager, EON Reality, Inc.

Why Now
o EON’s breakthrough UIS innovation – a unique IP for photorealistic interactive visualization and CAD/PLM/ERP integration – allows for the first time to provide an on Demand Customer Interaction solution
o Fewer employees need to be more productive due to the global recession as companies are forced to reduce personnel
o As the overall demand shrink, companies must differentiate their value proposition vs. competition
o EON UIS offers a superior Customer Experience and increased satisfaction at a reduced cost

How EON UIS improves both the customer journey and the end state:

Improved Customer Journey
o Streamlined customer process including visual product interaction, capturing & specifying
o Easier configuration & planning session
o Tangible product experience with interactive walkthroughs and product demonstration
o Single source of data that can be reused by the entire organization
o Accurate proposals can be generated on the fly

Better Customer End State
o Improved customer understanding of value proposition & elimination of uncertainty
o Increased closing rate & sales of options with up to 15{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} as customers become open for new possibilities
o Reduced customer interaction costs with up to 30{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} (number of meetings, resources, travel, sales & marketing material etc.)
o Reduced sales cycle time with up to 50{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904}.

About EON Reality
EON Reality, Inc. is the world’s leading interactive 3D visual content management and virtual reality software provider. Its powerful, breakthrough technology enables users to experience more by revolutionizing the way companies leverage their digital assets throughout the product lifecycle. Industry leaders, including Suzuki, Siemens, John Deere, Atlas Copco, Toyota, Tetra Pak, Boeing, Bombardier, Intel, Peterbilt, Lexus, Whirlpool, Honeywell, GE Healthcare and Stryker, use EON solutions to enhance the interactive user experience to effectively increase sales, better communicate product functionality and decrease the cost of service, training and technical support. For further information, visit