IRVINE, Calif., October 18, 2010 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, recently hosted WATG, the world’s leading hospitality design firm, for an immersive design exploration of their innovative Mosaic project. Using EON’s interactive display solution, EON Icube, WATG was able to visually immerse the design team and potential clients in an interactive tour of their design.

WATG’s Mosaic allows governments, developers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, and private organizations the opportunity to create, design, develop and implement amazing new hospitality, vacation, housing, emergency shelter and support structures that are functional, beautiful, simple and adaptable to numerous situations in almost any geography. Organic, geometric-shaped Prisms — the basic component of the Mosaic system — are collapsible for ease in transportation, are pre-fitted with built-in fixtures and furnishings, and come with self-contained energy, plumbing and lighting systems as well as self-leveling foundations.

Conversion of the WATG’s 3D model, using EON software, allowed the team to view the design stereographically. It also provided the ability to dynamically configure a series of Mosaic modules. Once immersed in the 3D Icube, the WATG design team members were able to test spatial relationships, furniture size and location, and key aspects of lighting.

« Over the last three years, the EON toolset has allowed WATG’s creative teams to better visualize their designs, » stated Larry M. Rocha, WATG’s chief information officer.  « The ability to view and design in an immersive, 3D projected environment provides a level of insight not typically available until much later in the process, when design changes are much more expensive. »


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EON Reality, Inc. is the world’s leading interactive 3D visual content management and virtual reality software provider. Industry leaders, including Atlas Copco, Bechtel, Boeing, Bombardier, Hon, Intel, Lexus, Lufthansa -Teknik, Peterbilt, Samsung, Siemens Medical, Suzuki, Toyota and Whirlpool, use EON solutions to enhance the interactive user experience to effectively increase sales, better communicate product functionality and decrease the cost of service, training and technical support. For further information, visit


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