IRVINE, CA, February 11, 2019 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge transfer for industry and education, today announces the establishment of a distribution partnership with Accuteque. As one of the top technological advisory firms in the area, the Melbourne-based company will now serve as EON Reality’s primary distributor for EON-XR development and education in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’m very excited to expand upon EON Reality’s connections in Australia and New Zealand through this promising partnership,” said Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality. “Utilizing the shared resources of EON Reality and Accuteque, we’re looking forward to introducing EON-XR to people all across Oceania. It’s the next step in bringing our technology to a truly global audience.”

EON Reality’s first distributor in Australia comes in the form of a business that has already spent time working with AR and VR solutions for enterprise clients. This previous knowledge will prove invaluable when bringing EON Reality’s two decades of experience to new customers of all shapes and sizes, and will only accelerate the pace at which EON-XR and Industry 4.0 can spread across the new region.

Having previously worked in many of the same industries — ranging from petroleum to education — the partnership with EON Reality also seemed like a perfect fit for Accuteque. Since rebranding under the Accuteque name in 2006, the Melbourne-based company’s thirst for expansion has only been outdone by its desire to bring complete technological packages and solutions to its clients.

“The opportunity to extend our already deep relationship with EON Reality is one our team is excited to take on,” said Accuteque CEO Natasha Norton. “We see significant opportunity in the market to bring EON’s EON-XR solutions to our clients and build out solutions that bring real value and put our clients ahead of their competitors. This technology will change the way businesses engage with their people and their customers in the years to come, and it’s exciting to be at the forefront of this with EON Reality.”

For more information, please visit EON Reality’s website, Accuteque’s website, and watch for more updates surrounding the partnership in Australia.

About EON Reality
EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) knowledge transfer for industry and education. EON Reality’s success is tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality, since 1999, has developed the de-facto standard for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-based knowledge transfer software that supports devices from mobile phones to large immersive domes. EON Reality’s global app development network, with twenty-two locations worldwide, has created the world’s leading AR/VR library for knowledge transfer with over 8,000 applications. Over 40 million people worldwide have downloaded these applications. For further information, visit

About Accuteque
Accuteque is professional services firm that provides strategy, planning and organisational planning. It specialises in quality assurance, business transformations and change through the delivery of technology solutions, facilitation, evaluation, business coaching and mentoring among other services. We make other businesses better.