The EON Idome offers an immersive, 3D experience for up to 24 people. Blended high resolution cinematography together with interactive 3D elements creates compelling, inspiring, and fun edutainment experiences. It’s a fully immersive environment where you can feel the seats rumble and move along with the action.

“The trip to these virtual worlds larger than life, will end in the space where one seamless cooperation between the astronauts of one day, can save them,” said Dominique Desaunay, writer for Radio France International.

This edutainment experience will help you share the lives of dolphins and help avoid what threatens their existence. Discover how mystical creatures have influenced our culture today, from that of ancient Babylon, Greece, Asia, and medieval Europe. You’re not watching a 3D movie, you’re in the movie! You will also be able to experience our Mobile App Library, EON Experience VR, filled with over 2,000 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. Riding a roller coaster in outer space while shooting drones, and visiting famous sites such as Stonehenge has finally come alive!

Interested in visiting EON Reality’s showroom and entrepreneur school while in Laval? At 10:00 am there will be a guided tour of our facilities. Please check the box “Would you like to attend a tour of EON Reality France at 10am?” during registration. EON France’s address: 21 Rue Saint-Mélaine, 5300 Laval, France.

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