EON Reality, is taking the lead in the growing Virtual Reality market with its interactive 3D solutions. The company recently signed a multi-million dollar research and development project for training applications in the energy sector.

Recent advances in virtual reality technology are benefiting areas such as training, health and education. Large fortune 500 companies like Boeing, GE, and Atlas Copco, have capitalized on this revolution by reducing their cost for training and maintenance.

“Progresses in 3D communication has cut the cost and improved the performance of Virtual Reality systems, making the technology available for the public” Dan Lejerskar, virtual reality expert at EON Reality, said.

“The advances in computer interaction, immersion and virtual worlds during the last 12 months is by far exceeding the last ten years evolution. By 2011 the new VR solutions will have significant impact in most of our daily lives. I simply can’t wait to see that happen,” says Dan Lejerskar.