EON Reality’s Singapore team recently participated in the Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC) Conference at Science Centre Singapore, an annual event that welcomes visionaries, leaders, and innovators from science centres and museums around the world to gather and share ideas, exchange knowledge, and showcase new innovations. This year’s ASPAC conference focused on the presentation and discussion of new generation technologies and how they can be introduced to Generation Y.

Showcased at ASPAC 2012 was the EON Interactive Mirror, our newest Kinect-based augmented reality display that allows users to try on different clothes and accessories virtually and on-the-go.  Also showcased was EON Artificial I, a stereo display solution that allows users to experience smart, interactive 3D content floating in space- both in and out of the screen. EON Artificial I offers the ultimate 3D viewing experience with brilliant brightness, eye-popping stereo features, enhanced graphics for high quality 3D effects, and full contrast.

EON Reality’s Managing Director, Sridhar Sunkad, also delivered a presentation entitled “Interactive 3D Technologies for Better Learning Experiences”, in which he discussed the tools needed to create, share, explore, and deliver 3D lessons on the EON Experience portal, an online 3D content library hosting 1000’s of 3D models, scenes, and components.  According to Sunkad, the opportunity to speak at ASPAC was a great way to share a variety of virtual 3D learning content and technologies, along with other playful 3D user experiences.

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