If you’ve ever played around with EON Reality’s advanced developer software, EON Professional, you know it offers a high level of visual realism that would make you think you’re looking at the real thing (whether that “thing” be an eye, engine, or brain).  Well, here’s some more news that will excite you even more!

Thanks to the hard work of our talented development team, you can now take your EON content and publish it on your Android and iOS mobile devices. (Don’t believe us? Here’s a sneak peek: EON Mobile platform).  This new support for mobile platforms means that users can now create stunning, highly interactive content using EON Professional on the Android or iOS mobile device of their choice. EON Professional is a developer software that allows users to combine high quality visuals with an easy to use interface.

Content can be exported from EON Professional as either a standalone app directly to Google Play for Android, the Apple App Store, or to the EON Experience portal. Users can also convert existing 3D models from the EON Experience portal and export them to the mobile platform of your choice.  “With an explosive growth of mobile devices, we are now moving into a new interactive 3D technology era.  We are proud to provide a mobile platform solution that will be beneficial to far more users. We have just seen the starting point for educational virtual 3D learning solutions. Imagine when we now can create Augmented Reality applications and mix reality with super imposed interactive 3D objects to the real world,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman, EON Reality.