Students from EON Reality Entrepreneur School in Laval, France used Interactive Projection Mapping to create an Interactive Digital Media experience for attendees of the National French Music Festival on the 21st of June.

“It was very much impromptu, only drawing on some of the concepts, in the beginning, said Amalia Serban, Training Coordinator of EON Reality Entrepreneur School, Laval. “The short space of time available pushed everyone to be creative and resourceful and a great collaborative vibe settled in.”

In total, there were three projection mapping projects. One projected a modified scene of the EON Reality aquarium on a castle wall in Laval with sound interaction. The projected wall stones collapsed as people clapped or made noise louder than the surrounding sounds.

“It fit in perfectly with the vibrant evening of The National French Music Festival as people were animated by music and sound and were keen on interacting with an installation that contributed even more to making the streets and spirits lively,” said Amalia Serben.

The second project was a projection on cardboard cubes that used Leap Motion interaction to trigger sound, resulting in a dream-like display. The third project was a bold take on the ‘Simon’ memory game, renamed SimEON. Students used this game as a memory exercise while they interacted with the projection mapping. In respect to development, these projects allow a patch (vvvv) to communicate with EON Studio through UDP, turning EON Reality’s software into a functional sound visualizer.