The Macro Trends – Virtual Reality is becoming a multi-billion-dollar field with uses in education, entertainment, information processing, design, military, health care, training and maintenance. Why is this happening right now?

IRVINE, Calif., November 23, 2009 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, is leading the way in the growing Virtual Reality market with its interactive 3D solutions. Several forces have accelerated the growth in elementary Virtual Reality technology and expanded its application. One is the general need for effective knowledge transfer in an increasingly global knowledge economy and also the enormous training programs required as an aging workforce needs to be replaced.

As projection hardware, avatar development, connectivity, bandwidth and interactivity evolves, online virtual meetings and event technology become a cost-effective solution for both business and education to seamlessly access diverse global networks and exchange information. Cisco Systems canceled its sales training this year and Apple is pulling out of future Macworld and instead of spending $1 million for sales training, the billion-dollar company will hold its training virtually.

Digital Native and Millennial Interactive Generation expect game like learning environments to significantly increase on the overall market. As more students embrace a technology-filled lifestyle filled with cell phones, smart phones and other wireless devices, the days of teaching using only conventional methods are waning. Interactive 3D learning environments provide great benefits, allowing the learner to have real-time interaction with the curriculum and safely perform experiments otherwise dangerous or impossible to do in reality.

The recent technology advances in Virtual Reality are now finally benefiting areas such as training, health and education. “Progresses in Immersive 3D communication has cut the cost and improved the performance of Virtual Reality systems, making the technology available for the public,” said Dan Lejerskar. “The advance in computer interaction, immersion and virtual worlds during the last 12 months is by far exceeding the last ten years evolution. Large Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, GE, and Atlas Copco, have capitalized on this revolution by increasing their sales and reducing their cost for training and maintenance. By 2011 the new VR solutions will have significant impact in most of our daily lives. I simply can’t wait to see that happen.”

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