Customer Use Cases Prove That EON Reality’s Platform Provides 35% Increase in Student Performance and a 40% Training Time Reduction for Enterprises.

IRVINE, CA – December 18, 2023 – EON Reality, a pioneer in the world of AI-driven Extended Reality (XR), is proud to announce a series of successful engagements across educational and enterprise spheres, showcasing the transformative power of its EON-XR platform. Through strategic implementation of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), EON Reality has not only facilitated innovative learning and training experiences but has also delivered measurable improvements in performance, engagement, and cost-efficiency.

Educational Institutions Experience Unprecedented Engagement and Retention

Los Angeles Community College

  • Educational Engagement: Implementation of 9,100 EON-XR lessons by over 900 faculty members.
  • Improved Student Outcomes: A reported 79% increase in successful learning outcomes, highlighting the platform’s impact.

University of Business & Technology

  • Program Expansion: Adoption of EON-XR across 20 diverse educational programs, enriching the learning experience for 16,502 students.
  • Innovative Content Creation: Over 4,390 EON-XR lessons have been generated to facilitate immersive education.

CENTEXS, Malaysia

  • Nationwide Educational Reform: CENTEXS integrates EON Reality’s VR training program, graduating 4,395 students with a remarkable 97.25% employability rate.
  • Certification Achievement: A significant 68% of students achieved international certification post-training.

Nakhon Si Thammarat City, Thailand

  • Citywide Educational Transformation: EON-XR reaches 11,000 students, introducing over 1,500 immersive experiences.
  • Teacher Empowerment: Comprehensive EON training provided to 300 teachers.
  • Academic Performance: A 35% increase in student comprehension and performance metrics.

Chairman Dan Lejerskär celebrates this progress, stating, «Through EON-XR, we’re not just advancing the state of educational technology; we’re facilitating a global movement towards a future where learning is limitless, transcending traditional boundaries to empower students and educators alike.»

Enterprises Achieve Operational Excellence with EON Reality’s VR Solutions

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

  • Dedicated to Healthcare Advancement: A renewed investment of $2.2 million to enhance the education of healthcare professionals and patient experience.
  • VR for Healthcare: Deployment of 30 EON modules, significantly improving patient experiences during MRI procedures.

Changi Airport, Singapore

  • Revolutionizing Emergency Training: A robust 40% reduction in training time, leading to enhanced emergency response readiness.
  • Staff Knowledge Enhancement: EON-XR contributed to a 35% increase in knowledge retention among airport staff.

SBS Transit

  • Focused Operational Training: Utilization of EON-XR to benefit 2,500 employees, reducing technician training time from 12 months to just 4.
  • Maintaining Service Excellence: Implementation of XR training to enhance skills without disrupting service operations.

Sandals Corporate University

  • Hospitality Training Innovation: The introduction of EON-XR has resulted in a 25% decrease in training time and a 35% cost reduction, enhancing the learning experience for 18,000 team members.

Chairman Dan Lejerskar remarks, «The enterprise success stories reflect our dedication to revolutionizing training and operational efficiency. Our EON-XR platform is proving to be an indispensable asset for companies eager to embrace the future of technology.»


About EON Reality

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