It’s almost here!  EON Reality’s Virtual 3D Learning World Tour is ready to set sail this November and December.  Join us as we visit regions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America to discuss the endless possibilities associated with using 3D technologies in learning and education.

EON Reality has developed a 3D content library consisting of 1,000’s of models and applications, along with easy-to-use virtual 3D learning software. The response to the solution has been very positive; educational institutions and governments around the globe are eager to deploy the end- to-end 3D classroom solution. Case studies have shown that interactive 3D solutions add significant value to education and training:

o 86 % of students in the 3D classroom improved their test results
o Doubled Attention levels
o Increased Test scores

Join us at a local seminar in your region this November and December, or set up a meeting to learn more about how your organization can benefit from Virtual 3D Learning (please see dates and locations below). Watch our video or visit the EON Experience Portal, EON Creator, and EON Reality website. Follow the Tour on Twitter at @EONRealityinc for more information.

Virtual 3D Learning World Tour Locations and Dates
1. Italy, Milan – Nov 14
2. Russia, Moscow – Nov 15
3. Ukraine, Kiev – Nov 16
4. Hungary, Budapest – Nov 17
5. United Kingdom, London – Nov 18

Middle East
1. Bahrain, Manama – Nov 19-20
2. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – Nov 21
3. Saudi Arabia, Dhahran – Nov 22
a. Qatar, Doha – Nov 23
b. Kuwait, Kuwait City – Nov 24

1. Singapore – Nov 25-28
2. Vietnam, Hanoi – Nov 29
3. China, Beijing – Nov 30
4. China, Shanghai – December 1
5. India, Delhi – Dec 2

North America
1. Canada, Ottawa – Dec 5
2. Canada, Toronto – Dec 6

South America
1. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Dec 7-9

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more and coordinate your participation. Please let us know when and where you wish to join the tour.