Revolutionizing Hospitality Education: EON Virtual Enterprise Unveils Interactive Learning Experiences in Vol. 5 Tourism & Hospitality Courses.

IRVINE, CA – October 28, 2023 – In a significant leap towards fostering groundbreaking educational paradigms, EON Reality unveils its Vol. 5 Tourism & Hospitality Courses under the EON Virtual Enterprise umbrella.

Introducing EON Virtual Enterprise Courses
The future of education lies in the merging of traditional curricula with modern technological advancements. EON’s Virtual Enterprise Platform does just that, seamlessly integrating curriculum services and ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Turning Textual and Visual Content into Learning Adventures
Imagine delving deep into engineering topics, exploring every nook and cranny of an engine, or understanding the intricacies of hospitality management in three-dimensional glory. The platform’s prowess in employing AI, augmented, and virtual reality brings to life textual and visual content in a way that was previously only imagined. Learners now have the privilege of interacting with objects, while an AI avatar guides them through functionalities and procedures.

Hands-On Simulations for Mastery in Hard Skills
Be it health science, tourism, or hospitality; the platform’s hands-on simulations are designed to foster practical knowledge and expertise. Learners benefit from features such as a knowledge portal, 3-D model integration, annotations, and automatic assessment tools, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of hard skills.

Virtual Role-Playing for Soft Skills Enhancement
Navigating the soft skills landscape has never been more engaging. EON’s soft skills simulator lets learners dive into virtual role-playing, interacting with AI avatars in real-world scenarios like finance negotiations or HR interviews. What’s more, post-interaction evaluations by expert AI avatars furnish invaluable feedback, highlighting strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Generic and Custom Curriculum Packages
In an endeavor to cater to varied learner needs, EON Reality has introduced two curriculum packages: generic and custom. While the generic package encapsulates best-in-class modules from global organizations, the custom package is tailored, encapsulating specific curricula from renowned institutions worldwide.

Highlight: Vol. 5 Tourism & Hospitality Courses
EON’s new volume introduces an array of both hard and soft skills courses specific to the tourism and hospitality sector. Examples include:

  • Hard Skills Courses: Basics of Hospitality Management, Technical Aspects of Hospitality, Adventure and Eco-Tourism, Cruise Management, and Digital Technology in Tourism.
  • Soft Skills Courses: Customer Service and Interaction, Sales and Marketing, Leadership and Management, Cultural Sensitivity, and Health & Safety Management.

This unique blend of courses ensures that professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector are comprehensively equipped to excel in their field.

EON Reality continues its mission to revolutionize the educational landscape, bringing forth a unique blend of traditional curriculum and cutting-edge technology. With the introduction of Vol. 5 Tourism & Hospitality Courses, the future of immersive learning looks brighter than ever.


About EON Reality

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