Any teacher or student can now become an expert at creating AR and VR lessons on the AVR Platform by watching these 5 videos from EON Reality.

The AVR Platform was designed to make creating AR and VR lessons easy and stress-free for just about anyone with no coding knowledge. But as tech experts, we know that pedagogy continues to be the key element of a successful online learning experience. As schools around the world continue to manage the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing we can be certain of is the indispensability of ed tech in minimizing future disruptions.

Prior to COVID-19, the ed tech topic was often subject to many debates surrounding the efficacy of online vs in-person learning. The turnaround that we have witnessed in the last few months have seemingly quashed much of this debate, turning what was previously thought impossible into everyday reality. As part of the wider ed tech industry, AR and VR has also been part of this resurgence and EON Reality has witnessed a 500% rise in AVR Platform users since the paywall was lifted in March.

As we underlined earlier, pedagogic principles will continue to drive the success of technology in the classroom. This is why we have put together a series of videos to help anyone become an AVR Platform expert. This is why we have engaged former teachers and leading education experts to be part of the EON Reality team to design a robust teaching platform that can be aligned with effective teaching strategies for better learning and teaching, both online and offline.

Looking for classroom inspiration to get started on the AVR Platform? Head over and browse our lesson highlights section!

AVR Platform Quick Start Guide – A Beginner’s User Guide to the AVR Platform on Mobile Devices

AVR Platform Quick Start Guide – A Beginner’s User Guide to the AVR Platform on the Desktop

Pedagogy Driven Lessons in Augmented and Virtual Reality by Dr. Peter Looker, who discussed how teachers can design a lesson to achieve their learning objectives through the AVR platform

Led by Jonathan Lee, this lesson shows how anyone can create an outstanding learning experience with the AVR Platform’s latest features.


For educators and learners looking to create a powerful immersive learning experience in 360ยบ, Jonathan Lee takes you through the AVR Platform to show how easy it is to create one in minutes.