ExxonMobil, the world’s largest energy company, announced it’s partnership with EON Reality’s new technology that supports the development of simulators that combine dynamic process training and fully functional 3D models.

Safety is one of Exxon’s major concern, as well as avoiding catastrophes.

EON Reality Inc brings new state of art technology enabling effective training to take place in a safe and controlled environment. It’s not about games in gimmicks; it’s about real applications that provide value to customers in society. The Immersive 3D Operator Training Simulator technology is the latest demonstration of EON reality’s commitment to help global ExxonMobil partners supply the world with much needed energy, while improving environmental and operational performance of production facilities.

These complex applications and models include interactive 3D objects such as rotating valves, push-buttons and active gauges; natural gestures and voice commands; and enhanced 4D sensory conditions including tactile feedback, odors, vibration and wind simulation.

In a recent presentation by ExxonMobil at EON Reality, Manchester, Research Lead, Safety Research Program, Exxon Mobil Qatar, Hazem Abdelmoati, said, “3D immersive virtual reality technology can be used to more effectively train oil and gas operators and maintenance staff in an ultra-realistic, safe and controlled environment.”

The dynamic process simulator uses actual plant operating conditions to create highly realistic training scenarios for critical procedure execution, upset condition training, and emergency response training. Scenarios also can be created for workforce development, competency assurance, project commissioning support, new hire orientation, and more efficient turnaround/shutdown planning.

A full-scale simulator of an actual gas processing facility in Qatar has been operational since 2013, providing realistic training on more than 300 interactive control devices in six gas processing units.

EMRQ opened its facility at Qatar Science & Technology Park in 2009 to conduct research in areas of common interest to the State of Qatar and ExxonMobil. Scientists and researchers at EMRQ continue to advance projects in the areas of environmental management, water reuse, LNG safety and coastal geology, as well as in Texas, the US capital of oil and gas. Join us on May 14 as we inaugurate the first Virtual Reality Entrepreneur School in Duncanville, TX. You will hear from a former ExxonMobil Senior Engineer, Joe Cheben, professors, and more!