EON Reality now provides a realistic onboarding experience by allowing trainees to operate a life-sized fracking blender in a AR/VR environment.

The average fracking blenders weighs about 55,000 pounds and stretching up to 4 metres. Training on a real fracking blender can be difficult given its size and complexity, but we have found the solution.

Using this lesson, trainees can now be acquainted with a desk to life-sized fracking blender directly from their smart phones or desktop. Complete with annotations, memos, practical demonstrations and quizzes created by the instructor, the length of the trainee onboarding journey is significantly reduced by up to 75%.

Our findings are supported by a  PwC report which showed that virtual reality can help business leaders upskill their employees faster, even at a time when training budgets may be shrinking and in-person training may be off the table, as people continue to observe social distancing.

Get started and learn how you operate a fracking blender in an immersive AR/VR lesson by clicking here!