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Spatial AI R&D Grant

The EON Spatial AI R&D Grant is an exclusive funding opportunity designed to empower academic institutions, researchers, and educators to develop and implement cutting-edge projects that leverage advanced Spatial AI technologyEON AI Assistant, and  Spatial Academy. This program aims to foster collaboration and strengthen partnerships between EON Reality and academic institutions, driving the integration of immersive learning solutions into the education ecosystem and promoting innovative research across various disciplines

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Future Workforce Grant

The EON Reality  Future Workforce Grant Program supports academic institutions and governmental organizations in launching new Spatial AI programs, developing the future workforce’s Spatial AI skills, deploying Spatial AI solutions at scale, and enabling localized content creation. Through this grant, organizations receive financial and technical support for organization-wide rollouts of Spatial AI programs.

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EON AI Impact and Development Program

The EON AI Impact & Development Program is a comprehensive grant and investment initiative aimed at facilitating the large-scale implementation of Spatial AI technology in government, academic, and community sectors. The program supports the deployment of Spatial AI technology at scale, creates job opportunities, enhances safety and security, and strengthens community and social cohesion through innovative Spatial AI applications.

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