The World Heritage Initiative now allows anyone to explore 5000 years of Greek history in an immersive 360º experience through the EON XR Platform. In this lesson,  journey through the cultural UNESCO World Heritage, the Acropolis of Athens, home to several temples, the most famous of which is the Parthenon.

Located on a limestone hill overlooking Athens, the Acropolis has been home to civilisations dating back to prehistoric times. Over the centuries, the Acropolis has been the birthplace of mythical folklore, home to the kings, a place of spiritual worship and today, a historic landmark drawing tourists by the thousands.

In this lesson, explore the ancient history and architectural magnificence that have withstood bombardments, massive earthquakes and vandalism to continue serving as a reminder of Greece’s rich heritage. Learn how the Acropolis and its building serve as living testimonies of the thought of Athenian philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Demosthenes and the achievements of Classical Greek politicians, who led to the birth of democracy.

Having withstood various invasions from the Venetians to the Ottoman Empire, the Acropolis has continued to inspire both in antiquity and contemporary times. Throughout the world, Neo-Classical monuments have been inspired by all the Acropolis monuments.

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