Successful branding results in preferences, Seth Godin, marketing guru explains;
“Be the best in my world and you have me, at a premium, right now. Best is subjective. I (the consumer) get to decide, not you. World is selfish. It’s my definition, not yours. It’s the world I define, based on my convenience or my preferences”.

I guess this is what aircraft manufacture Boeing  wants to address with the launch of their Dreamliner 787.
The entire design of the Boeing Dreamliner 787, has been built with the primary reason to increase passenger comfort on board and to create consumer demands on their airplanes.

People don’t like turbulence – Boeing  improved the electronics, resulting in 85 {0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} less turbulence and increased passenger comfort.

People get tired on long air flights – Boeing used a composite material that is stronger then aluminum to build the body- that allows them to increase the cabin pressure, resulting in better breathing air.

People don’t like dry air, it messes up their contact lenses and skin – Since the body isn’t made of metal, Boeing can add more humidity in the air to increase the moister in the cabin.

Now people who don’t like flying because of turbulence and dry air don’t have to worry anymore – just make a reservation on a Boeing Dreamliner 787.

About Boeing
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a mid-sized, wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner currently under development by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its maximum seating capacity in a one-class configuration is between 290 to 330 passengers depending on variant. Boeing states that it will be more fuel-efficient than earlier Boeing airliners and will be the first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction.

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