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Immersive Learning – An Introduction to the Courtroom in AR and VR

By Giugno 1, 2020 Agosto 18th, 2020 No Comments

Who’s who and what’s what in the courtroom? Engage in immersive learning for courtroom education in AR and VR.

A courtroom can be an overwhelming place, with its formality, its procedures and understanding the court system in the United States is no easy task. There are multiple layers of jurisdiction, authority, and responsibility that span state, county, municipal and federal boundaries, and employ thousands of individuals in roles such as judges, commissioners, clerks, bailiffs and advocates. Adding to the confusion are the many state and federal regulations, case types, and court processes that make it difficult to understand the role of the courts or to describe their place in the overall administration of justice.



On EON-XR, students can now gain an introduction to the courtroom, learn about appropriate behavior in a courtroom and prepare for the setting of the oral arguments, among other learning possibilities in AR and VR!

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