EON Ibench

Since the release of our EON Ibench Mobile solution we’ve been approached by quite a few companies requesting a similar solution for much larger spaces that can support heavier system requirements. Well, we’re happy to announce the release of the EON Ibench, a full-body standalone display solution that allows you to experience all the benefits of our smaller, mobile solution but for larger scale projects.

Similar to our popular table-top solution, the EON Ibench includes a fully integrated solution with high-end graphics mobile workstation, rear projected active 3D projector, wand interaction device, software, and glasses included. Other key features include all features and functionalities of our EON Professional authoring software and access to thousands of interactive applications with our EON Experience player. And of course the most notable difference? The giant 72″ x 45″ display screen that will literally make you feel like you are being engulfed by your virtual environment. It’s the perfect answer for all your trade-show and large scale event needs. Contact us today for more information about the EON Ibench!