Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, MO

IDC & VR Innovation Academy

Augmented and Virtual Reality UMKC Missouri

School of Computing and Engineering
5110 Rockhill Road, 547B Flarsheim Hall
Kansas City, MO 64110
Christina S. Davis, M.S.
Director, Program/Project Operations
Interim Director, Free Enterprise Center

University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Computing and Engineering, Kansas City’s only accredited school for engineering and computer science, has partnered with EON Reality to establish a VR Innovation Academy and Development Lab. The VR Innovation Academy teaches the skills needed to be successful in creating AR and VR content and applications for industry and training. Additionally, the center includes a Development Lab where students, entrepreneurs, and local businesses in Kansas City can access state of the art interactive 3D technologies from wearable AR devices to large scale immersive showrooms. This center of excellence pushes Kansas City to the forefront of the growing industry of VR and AR.

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Next Session Begins: Fall 2021

General Knowledge Transfer, Phase 1
Theoretical and practical training – 16 weeks

  • General knowledge on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Project management tools and techniques while working on AR & VR immersive projects
  • Development of 2D and 3D visual assets
  • Modeling, texturing, rigging and animation of the assets for AR & VR applications
  • Scripting and programming techniques within basic and advanced interactive application development
  • Development and deployment of the AR & VR applications for immersive systems
  • Creation of mobile 3D applications with AR & VR functionality
  • Publishing applications for Android, iOS and for EON-based educational platforms
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