Revised version of a prototype tested by the American parent, the Idome Eon France will become the business card expertise of the French unit of Laval. With outsized, the Idome has a curved screen 6 m long, 12 m high and 4 m deep.

The dome can accommodate 24 people each have a device to interact collaboratively and change the course of the film in real time. This mobile unit 28 m in diameter can be mounted in a space of 8 meters high by 16 meters wide. “We strive for leisure parks equipment, museums or multiplex cinemas”, says Yann Froger, president Eon Reality France. Developed by the Laval team of Idome V1 is one of the first achievements house.

Specialist equipment and virtual reality content and augmented, Eon Reality France now employs 16 employees – she hopes to have 150 in 2020 and expected to complete its first commercial year between 3.4 and 4 million euros in 2015 thanks to the delegates contracts by its US parent to initiate the activities of the French subsidiary. Next year the president is between 6 and 7 million. Not only thanks to the loyalty of customers already served in Jordan and the UAE, but also through the development of its own contracts in its target areas, education and recreation, and its dedicated territory, France and Francophone countries. The Laval company is about to sign a contract with Ivory Coast to form quickly thanks to virtual reality, electricians, plumbers and masons Ivorian able to rebuild the country weighed down by 10 years of guerrilla warfare.

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