When you first come across EON Experience EON-XR on the App Store, you might not even guess how amazing and powerful the app is behind its humble one paragraph description and one screenshot. EON Experience EON-XR is an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based personalized learning library, to engage students with gamified AR/VR lessons and to promote creativity across subjects such as anatomy, biology, geography, history, physics, and astronomy. It also won a Learning, Sciences & Humanities award in 2016.

While the app is developed to turn traditional classroom learning into engaging learn-by-doing lessons, it can be of interest for individual users of all ages. It is a bit similar to such super popular app as SkyGuide – scientific, mind-blowing, and easy to use.

The basic usage of the app you can enjoy is to choose a lesson, explore, and take a gamified test in the Play mode.

EON Experience EON-XR is a really amazing app, but it is only a small portion of the technologies that can be brought by the developer to the classroom. Anyway, any user can feel the benefits of the immersive learning on his or her fingertips.

EON Experience EON-XR is available for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store.

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