Founder Dan Lejerskar, a huge proponent of active learning, imagines how the ideal classroom would look like with EON-XR. He shares his vision of an effective learning model and welcomes your thoughts.

I have been thinking a lot about how my ideal classroom with EON-XR would look like. This was why I got started with educational technology in the first place, my need to see more people truly fulfilled and excited by learning. I understand that people learn differently, but what truly makes an engaging learning experience is that inner curiosity to discover and learn. How many times have I been bored by lessons which seemed so irrelevant to the world as I saw it? This is a real problem that continues to plague effective learning. So we’ve been talking about the relevance of the lecture format for a long time and continually bemoan its inefficacy in teaching students today. But what is the answer to the puzzle? Well, if I had a chance to redesign the ideal classroom with EON-XR, this is what I would do.

My 21st Century Dream Classroom

  • Allow students to explore and learn. Instead of textbooks, students would use EON-XR to explore the subject with interactive animations, videos and quizzes
  • To get them thinking holistically, I would get them to solve grand challenges in any way they wanted. There are no wrong answers. This would allow them to exercise the knowledge they’ve acquired and think more creatively without constraint.
  • They would then have to work with their classmates to demonstrate their solutions and concepts on EON-XR and get their creative juices flowing.
  • I would then have them pitch their solutions in the classroom and have it graded by their peers (and me).
  • There will be absolutely no written exams

I talk a lot about 21st century learning and I think this is what this classroom embodies – Creativity, Collaboration, Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking. What would your ideal classroom look like?