EON Reality and Next Galaxy Media have teamed up to create a social virtual reality platform called CEEK, for Facebook’s Oculus Rift. The platform will be a fully immersive social hub for accessing virtual reality experiences. CEEK offers scheduled, on demand and streaming 3D, 360 videos and standard content within a fully immersive environment.

EON Reality will also offer CEEK operational oversight, ongoing support and updates, as well as EON’s SDK and EON’s communication suites that enable communication between virtual environments.

“Next Galaxy’s CEEK platform is very exciting with the potential to change the social media landscape,” stated Mats W. Johansson, CEO of EON Reality Inc. “We’re very happy to be part of this forward-looking venture and can now see the Social VR future very clearly with CEEK.”

“Our partnering with EON Reality assures the successful realization of NGC’s CEEK platform as a definitive Social Entertainment destination for Virtual Reality. To be working with the best in the industry not only guarantees the speedy delivery of our platform, but also the unmatched quality of the product we are offering to the marketplace. EON has a proven track record and remains an unrivalled leader in the 3D/Virtual Reality space, and both our teams together form a formidable force in the Consumer Virtual Reality industry,” commented Mary Spio, President of Next Galaxy Corp.

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