For those who prefer to use EON-XR from a personal computer, the previous Quick Start Guide for mobile devices and tablets might not have been what you were looking for.

Fear not, as EON Reality is happy to introduce the new Desktop Quick Start Guide to show users how easy it is to create brand new content and lessons from the comfort of a normal PC. Since you won’t need anywhere near a typical “VR-ready” computer to create and experience the world-leading library of industry and academic immersive lessons, this new video will show just how accessible EON-XR is from a basic laptop.

This detailed step-by-step walkthrough is aimed at helping the new users who joined EON-XR through the Global Emergency Initiative, but it can also be a valuable refresher course of anyone looking to see the latest updates to content creation tools on EON Reality’s flagship product.

All you need to get started on your EON-XR journey is a laptop or desktop computer running Windows and a stable internet connection. From there, you can try out the free version of the new EON-XR Platform for yourself online or head straight to the Desktop Quick Start Guide for easy-to-follow instructions.