Spatial AI and XR for Healthcare

Unlocking the Potential of Spatial AI: Transforming Healthcare Industry with XR-based Training and Improved Patient Outcomes

​​​​​​​Join us for a webinar on how EON AI Assistant is transforming the way the healthcare industry train their employees and enhance their efficiency with the power of Spatial AI.

The EON AI Assistant is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing an array of benefits through AR-based emergency response, medical device training, patient and public health education, surgical training, and simulation, as well as medical device maintenance and repair.

This advanced technology enables trainees to interact with 3D models, receive personalized feedback and guidance, and access troubleshooting guides and other resources, resulting in better-prepared healthcare professionals, enhanced patient outcomes, and more efficient operations. Join us to discover how EON AI Assistant is transforming the healthcare industry.

These workshops are exclusively for EON-XR users to help answer questions, solve problems, and share new information that figures to be actually useful and relevant for people such as yourself. Through the live-streamed events, we also hope to get a better understanding of where our users need the most assistance, so we can provide clarification for any potential roadblocks in the future as well.

Spatial AI and XR for Healthcare


Ongoing, check the registration button below when the next one is running in your area.

Hosted by:

Rick Ferree