Since I last reached out, developments at EON Reality for the Knowledge Metaverse have been gathering pace. 

First I wish to thank all our valued partners for an amazing EON Experience Global Fest 2022  in Evora Portugal .

I am also happy to enclose an exclusive copy of the book I recently wroteThe Knowledge Metaverse: How we can become Superhumans”, which was unveiled in Portugal and now available on Amazon.

Just last week, we were invited for the fourth time at the Asia Leadership Conference in Seoul to share our views on the potential of the Knowledge Metaverse see extract from the Keynote speech. In the Metaverse Panel discussion we covered topics such as: Challenges and Opportunities with the knowledge  Metaverse and which direction the Development is going.

This month EON is releasing EON Metaverse Builder that enables anybody to create XR experiences by simply “Walking and Takingin 80 languages using EON’s  5 million XR assets to create experiences in architecture, interior design, physics, agriculture, arts, architecture, chemistry, geology, anatomy, space engineering, just to mention a few examples. See 2 Min EON Metaverse Guide for Dummies.

Together with our partner in Thailand, we have also recently launched InfinitLand, a decentralized community platform where creative minds can gather, express and exchange innovative ideas together.  Initially set to cover 50,000 students and 7,500 interns and workers,  the project was  warmly received by the Prime Minister of Thailand and the Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait.

Finally, do not miss our next EON Experience Fest from Oct 27, 2022 to Oct 28, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. This is our two-day curated event, with an audience composed of global thought leaders and changemakers in the Knowledge Metaverse. Register Today!

I am keen to hear your thoughts and looking forward to hearing from you.


Signing off for now,

Dan Lejerskar